A Call To JOY

A Call to Mothering.

A Call to Joy,

A Called

Which confounds

The Wise

Which confounds

The mentality

Of our  Western Society.

I too was

Surprised to discover

life and joy in the ordinary.

I was frantic..

Was I pregnant

yet again?


The unexpected.

blanket of peace

Wrapped around me.






I heard words

In my heart;

“This is you call.

This is your vocation.

This is you witness to the world.”


“People don’t understand

I look foolish.”

A whispered answer,

“You will be a witness to

Life and Joy.”

I said,


To Life



5 thoughts on “A Call To JOY

  1. “I was frantic..

    Was I pregnant yet again?” I can totally relate! That eventual feeling of peace would come at a time when I least expected it; usually when things were hectic, I was tired and finally submitted “Lord, I can’t do this.” In that moment, He let me know that everything would be OK. Beautiful poem, Melanie. Thank you.


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