Keeping Christ in Christmas: Advent Interuptions

“I’m participating in the Keeping Christ in Christmas Blog Carnival, hosted by Arma Dei/Equipping Catholic FamiliesRaising (& Teaching) Little SaintsTruly Rich Mom. We’ll be sharing different ways, tips, stories and real-life experiences that will help us focus on Jesus as the Reason for the Christmas season. Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the list of carnival entries.”

Advent Interruptions                                                                                                                         

Advent is a proverbial time for waiting in the darkness for the birth of the Christ
 Child. It is a time to silently listen in expectation as well as a time to  sweep away the clutter in our hearts and souls by simplifying our lives to make room for a re-birth in our own hearts for this child called Jesus. Often we are so busy with preparing for Christmas celebrations that we have little time to listen to God or our fellow-man but if we take the time to practice this art of listening to other people, we will meet the divine at the same time.
ve, we miss out on a meeting with the divine because when we serve the least of our brethren, we serve Christ himself. When we listen to a child, gi
ving him all of our attention, we are discovering how to listen to the divine voice of the Christ Child as well.


Here are the links to the other blog carnival participants. I hope you’ll take the time to visit them and leave a comment on their posts! 🙂 The list will be updated throughout the day, so please do come back and check on them. God bless us all!

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30 thoughts on “Keeping Christ in Christmas: Advent Interuptions

  1. This is a wonderful reminder of how my calling as a mother is more important than my agenda to be an author. I must always remember that I am strengthened to pursue my dream is because of them.


  2. finding Christ right before you, in your blessings, is one of the most important practices for us (moms). praise God that you are seeking Him as He calls you, in your vocation. you are an inspiration to me. continued prayers for a fruitful advent journey and joyous Christmas.

    ad Jesum per Mariam. lena


  3. This so hits me “where I live” that I probably read it with my mouth dangling open. It is wonderful, and SUCH an important message. Thank you for saying it so well.


  4. Yes, I do think it’s also part of loving ourselves so much that we forget to do a better job at loving others. I love the quote from Henri Nouwen. Your examples and his quote are a wake up call for us all. God bless you!


  5. Thank you so much for joining the carnival, Melanie! I am so sorry for this super late comment! 🙂 I love what you wrote: “When we listen to a child, giving him all of our attention, we are discovering how to listen to the divine voice of the Christ Child as well.” Thank you for the wonderful reminder! 🙂 God bless always!


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