Catholic Woman’s Almanac: Weddings


Creating with God

I finished crocheting all 4  shawls for my niece’s wedding.  My daughter is the maid-of- honour, the first woman on the left. The shawls turned out even better than I hoped,  since I was making the pattern up as I went along, unravelling rows upon rows of stitches. I must have tried the first one on umpteen times before I got the pattern right.  I must confess that I finished the last shawl in the car on the way into town the night before the wedding and washed it at my son’s home !!! However, crocheting is a relaxing way to shut out all distractions and pray.



Thinking About 

It is my son’s first wedding anniversary. We celebrated 3 weddings, 2 engagements and a birth and baptism last year and are looking forward to two more births and one wedding this year. Michael and I are seeing the fruits of God’s presence, mercy and grace in our family.

Thanking God For

My kids and my kid’s kids. On Saturday night they danced with joy and abandonment at their cousin’s wedding.They dance in a circle facing each other, laughing and gesturing to others to come join them. Their circle is inclusive and their joy is contagious.

My ceiling is my children’s floor. Thank God that they stand on the work Christ has done in us; they are stronger, freer and more joyful than we ever were at their age.


I am going to humble myself. I spent 40  years reading the bible, spiritual literature and the classics; I became a Christian at 17 and a Catholic at  19. So I never read sticky sweet romance novels till now.   🙂 Perhaps God is healing my teenage self?

Praying For

All newly weds that God will protect them and guide them in truth that have been hidden in modern society.  The  power and grace  available to couples in the sacrament of a Catholic wedding. It saved our marriage- literally.



By my youngest daughter. My other picture was at least 3 years old. I really do not like my picture taken.IMAG1099-1

10 thoughts on “Catholic Woman’s Almanac: Weddings

  1. Hilarious – finishing the last shawl in the car! They look beautiful and so do the girls. That’s a lovely picture of you. The setting is very inviting, like you’re inviting us in for a cup of tea and a chat (and a plate of brownies??)


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