7QT: A Challenge to Catholic Women

Joining up with other Catholic mothers at Conversion diaries


challenge 300x236 A Challenge to Catholic, Pro Life Men and Women

I would like to challenge Catholic, Pro-Life women to step out and post on Broowaha, A Citizen Newspaper. I have more page views there in five months than in almost a year on my blog!! Since Sept. 10 /2012, Broowaha has published 154 articles which have 39,220 page views. Most articles are centered on faith and a Pro-life stance.

Broowaha promotes new writers. This is VERY interesting way too discuss faith with skeptics . I think that it is important to be in the market place as Catherine De Hueck Doherty would say. More Catholic women should post on secular sites. Warm and also argumentative relationships develop in discussions.

I thought I would include a sample of discussions.I cannot change anyone but I CAN plant seeds and God will do the rest.


If god can see everything, and if ”he” or ”it” made everything, and controls everything, why would one need to pray?If there was any kind of problem that needed solving, he would know already! And presumably he would have created that problem.

motherofnine9 :

I have free will, I have had to choose, to say yes to letting the Spirit flow in.

Prayer is communion, connection, an intimate encounter. The barriers to union are pride, the need to be self-sufficient and control and in my case, as a result of abuse-fear of love. As I do surrender I am experiencing freedom and joy that is almost inexplicable. As for supplying my needs, it happens most often without me asking because I have given God permission to be God.


Sorry if I seem a bit rude here, but isn’t praying quite like talking to some kind of imaginary friend?
You say the barriers to union are pride, fear of love etc, but surely one needs a little proof of existence?….


when you are really searching and asking, He shows up suddenly and in my case dramatically. Christianity is not a religion as much as it is a relationship.I was with a young man who had read almost the entire library’s religion, philosophy, spirituality section. Still a skeptic. I prayed silently over this fellow. When I pray, my hands burn and I sense a current through me. Suddenly he became extremely hot, felt as though he was plugged in to a powerful source of energy. He started smiling and then laughing and said, ” I can’t believe it, He IS real. He was here all the time” I want to tell everyone, shake them and say .”God is real


If ”Christianity is a relationship with god, then atheism is a relationship with reality.


You are sharp one! Intellectually this is all a conundrum.It is a matter of the heart/soul/inner core spirit of a person connecting with GOD. He only showed up when I was hungry and thirsty for more than a material existence he show up, so to speak . In the Book of Revelations, St. John quotes Jesus, ”Behold I stand at the door and knock and to whoever opens the door I will come in and sup with him”,


I don’t pray. But I kind of ”communicate” with something I don’t see physically. I know I have a kind nature so if there is something supernatural, it would know me, without my pray.


you’ve got it. but it is for you to become aware of being loved. Thomas Merton says a frog and tree are holy because they are who they were created to be without artifice while man clings to an artificial false self, a mask and must surrender that to discover his true self, his soul or spirit which is hidden in the heart of God.

I don’t knock my head against the wall or argue forever but just answer a few questions and let the other person have the last word if need be but it is God who can use our words to stir hearts.

    1. I finished crocheting all 4  shawls for my niece’s wedding.  My daughter is the maid-of- honour, the first woman on the left. The shawls turned out even better than I hoped,  since I was making the pattern up as I went along, unravelling rows upon rows of stitches. I must have tried the first one on umpteen times before I got the pattern right.  I must confess that I finished the last shawl in the car on the way into town the night before the wedding and washed it at my son’s home !!! However, crocheting is a relaxing way to shut out all distractions and pray.
  • they are  5-6 metres long and kept the girls warm for outside photos even though it was -25 C


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