Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA}

Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA} Join us each Monday as we keep a record of our days. Link up or record your almanac in the comments sections.

I am…


Myers Family 210

snow, snow and more snow.

Cold albeit beautiful. The end of our driveway is at the edge of  the hamlet of Greenbush, beside a creek.

{Thanking God For}

The freedom to start writing again.


As I write, I am learning how to let the Holy Spirit lead. Secular people call it creativity,  imagination or perhaps the Muse but when i write from my deepest spirit in union with the Holy Spirit, I know it is all Him. I am simply ” going with the flow”


To write the Great Canadian Novel


To learn to surrender control and fear to live fully in through and with Him


Don’t  bully yourself

with harsh comments

of how you look,

your past,

or your fears,

because if you are hard on


you will be hard on


find the voice of Love

inside you,

listen to it,

own it,

let Eternal Love

sink in,

transform you.

Then love

will flow out

from your every pore

People who are simply standing

beside you

will feel His Love.



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