Moments of Grace in the Snow

Moments of grace at Suscipio. Join us each week as we pause, look back on the week, and relish those moments–Moments of Grace.

This is the chorus of the song I sing here  every week for the last couple of months Snow, snow and more snow BUT the second half of the ever reappearing chorus is wood, wood, merrily burning wood in my little black stove. See how a complaining rant has the pocar_snow_1_ccb-7-32351ssibility of transforming into a moment of grace? 🙂

But into the middle of all this snow –

 Introduction of a new life.    

I became a  grandma for the second time to a grandson.  He looks exactly like his Scottish grandfather and father. The baby’s entry into the world was very fast, especially considering this was my daughters’ first baby.  Next time,  at the first twinge and they will be rushing to the hospital. He is only 6 lb. 3 oz. but perfect.


 A Moment of peaceful Grace
around my daughter’s bed , completely enthralled by the miracle of new life and peaceful awe as 5 of us crowd

3. Another snow storm. So happy Declan was not born today.  Declan  is a good Scottish name.

Declan  =Celtic name meaning Good One!!!

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