Moments of Grace Shining Through Stained Glass

“Everything is grace”
Saint Therese of Lisieux

But how do we receive grace?

Simple.  Everything about God is simple and natural. We are the ones in our pride who complicate our relationship to Him. Although Jesus surprised me by suddenly appearing in my life at 16, I tried too hard afterwards to grow in the spiritual life.  I read all the complicated books on spirituality and then proceeded to strive and pray circles around myself.

front door
front door

Finally exhausted and discouraged, I gave up and Jesus finally had an opening to shine the light of His love into my core self. When the light of the divine shone, through the dull glass of my life, I suddenly  saw all the colours and beauty which were always present. I am no longer a dull, grey window but a brilliant stained glass that only the light of God can illuminate.

“Such a soul has been stripped of her old self and has been clothed in a new self, in Christ gentle Jesus. Then, she is open to receive and hold that grace by which she experiences God in this life.”

Saint Catherine of Siena


I would express this concept with different words:

I said yes to God and allowed His light to dissolve false masks and  costumes , permitting  my true self, hidden in Christ to rise up and take centre stage. Now I can receive and hold His grace, His love. Now my grey life shines with His colourful light.

4 thoughts on “Moments of Grace Shining Through Stained Glass

  1. Melanie, I love that you are telling about your journey with Jesus. No doubt it will help many people. We all need to draw inspiration from others, and we all are a work in progress. Your stained glass image really appeals to me because I love beautiful stained glass. Thinking that God shines through me like that stained glass in the door is something to strive for.


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