Moments of Grace

Tell us about your Moments of Grace from this past week.  Where did you and God finally meet up in your day to day?


One of  my daughters  just had her first baby, a boy who looks just like his Scottish grandfather and his father. Declan ( Gaelic meaning Good Man) looks exactly like both of them. No mistaking this little fellow for a girl!

Last Sunday, when  he was 12 days, all sixteen of us gathered for another daughter’s birthday. It was a celebration of joy, laughter and grace. All we did was take turns holding Mary’s new born and laughing with our 18 month old granddaughter.

Both babies were THE centre of attention. We were all enchanted, delighted and happy to simply enjoy these little ones.When parents love and rejoice with every new birth and delight in the antics of their babies, older children are formed to love and respect new life.

Take Eva’s Dad,  our son, for example.

Just after his daughter’s birth, my son turned to his dad and said,

”Dad, I think that this is the best thing that I have ever done in my life.”

And as his little daughter lay sleeping on his chest, Daniel said,

”Now I know why you and Dad had so many Kids.

4 thoughts on “Moments of Grace

  1. A high-school friend of mine (boyfriend, actually) died recently of pancreatic cancer but before he died he asked to read my unpublished manuscript “Joy Alive.” and found it very helpful in his last days. He came to me in my dreams in an after school scene replayed as we walked home together when we were in total joy. It lasted only a brief moment, but I will remember it as a forever moment.


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