Can you explain theTrinity in simple terms?

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Can you explain the trinity in simple terms?    (


Melanie Jean Juneau’s answer:

 The Father is the light  

bulb on the ceiling,
the Holy Spirit is the wiring
Jesus is the light switch.

7 thoughts on “Can you explain theTrinity in simple terms?

  1. I don’t understand the “is not” in your diagram. God is God and is known as the Father (The Lord’s Prayer). Jesus is His Son. Always existed. Did not just start to exist when born as a human on earth. He is also God. The Holy Spirit, is the “spirit”, “soul” of God. Always existed. Visualised as a dove and flames. Sent to us even today and abides in us to guide us – only if we ask Him. St Hilary of Poitiers, a Bishop in the 3rd Century AD, was first to describe the Holy Spirit as “the Gift”. He is God’s gift to us to lead us back to Him in Heaven.

    God bless you, Melanie.


    1. You know what– there were 10 different varieties of that is not mine.
      he is no
      I did not really think about it. I only felt it explained the difference between Jesus on earth describing the Father and the Holy Spirit as if they were a third person to his disciples..but you are right.. will exchange the diagram


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