The Answer for Colic

Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA}

Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA}

Thanking God For:  


Attention all mothers!

Remember Colic? It kicks in when your placid, sleeping newborn starts to wail in pain at about two-three weeks old. You will never guess what I just learned from my daughter and new grandson, it was probably acid reflux and TREATABLE with infant ranitidine or zantac. After Declan projectile vomited,  Mary took her new son to the doctor who sent her for an ultra-sound. The ultra-sound actually captured the stomach value opening and acid rushing into this tiny baby’s stomach and up his oesophagus because he was laying down. This condition is very common and now easy to treat.

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My daughter had me research on-line. The reason “colicky” babies always want to be held is that it keeps the acid from  rising up and burning their throats. Acid also makes burps extra painful, burns their vocal cords, makes them wheeze, catch more colds, croup, coughs… For decades upon decades  doctors have treated adults  and no one stopped to consider that babies might have the same condition  Luckily it stops usually between 6-12 months old.

This new information shocked this mother of nine because I spent years walking babies who were in distress. All that suffering was treatable. Thank-you God for showing someone the truth. At least we are coming more and more sensitive to baby’s real needs

Now, I could usually tell what my babies need by their bodily movements, facial expressions and by the intensity, sharpness, or lower tones of their cries. However,  I learned that there are four different cries a new-born makes. A cry starting with

  • Neh (I’m hungry) –
  • Owh (I’m sleepy) –
  • Heh (I’m experiencing discomfort) –
  • Eairh (I have lower gas)
  • Eh (I need to be burped) –

All I can say is Wow. God created extremely intelligent little people


That God teaches mothers to be what I call baby whisperers. Sometimes I think that horse whispers are taught more skills than new mothers are. Don’t you think that maternity Wards should at least hand out pamphlets with some of these survival tips on them?


That all my kids are creative. Mary made her baby room  out of next to nothing,l creating something beautiful for god and her son when she decorated his room




9 thoughts on “The Answer for Colic

  1. My child was born with reflux, and still have it in part. FYI – Johns Hopkins did research on asthma, allergies, reflux, eczema – usually if you have one, you have one or more of the others. Mine has all. Good times. He did have a variety of cries – great chart, btw. But the “tell” was a look he’d get – I only missed it once. He vomited so hard, it knocked off my glasses. He was three months old or so.

    I hope and pray they have come even further since he was born 9 years ago and that precious baby Declan gets better.

    If you have any questions about what all we went through, etc. I am happy to help. My email is attached. Blessings…


      1. No problem. I guess that is why I stumbled upon your blog. By two months he was on daily Prevacid (the Zantac made him scream/cry a wide-eyed thing). By four months he was nebulizing…. it’s a process. And it does help to know others have been there. That you aren’t doing anything wrong. That as soon as you think you’ve mastered it, something changes as they grow… and you have to go to plan b, c, d, etc… Your daughter is LUCKY and blessed to have you! Blessings…


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