Moments of Grace

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All this week, even though my posts have been about everything from the new Pope, a submission to Do the Right Thing and about relationships in our family, the theme has been consistent. Do the little things well. Love your family. It quote Mother Theresa

I suddenly realized that the new leader of the Catholic Church believes the very same thing. he lives out his beliefs in small but powerful ways. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has refused the luxuries that came with his appointment as cardinal; he lives simply. Bergoglio is known for his personal simplicity. In Argentina he lived in a simple apartment rather than the archbishop’s palace, cooked his own meals, and gave up his chauffeured limousine in favor of taking the bus to work.Those who know him say that he is shy, humble and holy. But a man of principle and integrity  He lives what he preaches.

What a powerful example of the effect a person can have on the world when he does the little things well

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5 thoughts on “Moments of Grace

  1. I especially appreciate our new Pope’s ability to speak in no uncertain terms to the evil being done in the world. It’s not an intellectual dissertation but the plain truth that needs to be said fearlessly. Thank God for that. Now if all the bishops of the world would take the example of his courage and not shrink into the shadows of political correctness and cower in front of the media, we are going to have a Catholic revolution the likes of which hasn’t been seen in ages.


  2. I agree. I love his humble and staunchly traditional views. I have a fear that he will not protect himself enough though and I pray he understands that as a head of state, he needs protection. We need him to be around to lead us.
    Great post! Blessings, Em


  3. I would like to use the image of the clothespins on the rope for a Lenten devotional booklet for our congregation called “Moments of Grace.” It contains devotionals written by members of our congregation — we’ll print 85 copies. Can you tell me how to get permission to use that image? Thank you.


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