7 QT-Laugh With God Today

  • Thank goodness God and my parents have a sense of humour!
  •  After 12 hours of travelling across three-time zones, on three different airplanes, connecting with a shuttle service and making it to my parents condominium entrance without mishap, I could not get in.
  • This was my first visit where my dad admitted that he cannot drive safely in the dark. The first time he did not usher me in, carrying my luggage. Although I remembered their condo number, I did not know the access code to connect with them and I do not own a cell phone. The intercom system kept telling me to scroll down to access the list of occupants but for the life of me, I could not figure it out.
  • I could have cried in frustration because the complex seemed deserted.Since I did not want to stand around looking like an idiot, I lugged my heavy suitcase, carry-on and purse as I trudged through gardens, rocked strewn areas till I finally came around to their patio at the back of the complex.Their railing was so high, I stumbled as I hauled my bags over it and I had to balance on a rock to reach high enough to swing my leg over. Then one leg became wedged between the railings. It is a miracle that I finally stood in front of their patio door and knocked.The look on my 82-year old parents’ faces was worth all that hassle. It was priceless. I laughed and laughed as my mum completely commiserated with my lack of techno-smarts and my dad patiently tried to explain the intricacies of scrolling down.
  • I have always known that my  humour is  a gift from God. In fact one of my sayings is:
  • Laughter works for me because it cuts through anxiety and worry. It reminds me that God is ultimately in charge of everything. I am a child and dependent on Him for everything. Laughter ushers in joy, bubbly infectious joy that is in fact the Joy of the Lord.
  • A saint who lived through the Black Plague during the middle ages reminds us that:


So Let God do His job today. Relax . Quit trying to steal His job and simply live in reality as a child of God

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