The Power of His Words to Diffuse Evil and Derail Violence



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I am articulate. Words flow with ease, especially when I am upset. However, it would be presumptuous of me to think that the power rests in me because I have even I talked my way out of a rape. Only the words of the Holy Spirit can shake up another human being like mine did. Only the word of the Lord can dispel darkness.

Although I have surprised people since I was barely two years old with my mastery of language it is a gift, pure and simple. No effort on my part at all; words just flow out. Probably because I am tiny, words are my defense against anyone who threatens me. According to friends, my words or perhaps I should say OUR words do disarm antagonists. An attempted rape serves as a dramatic illustration of power of words to protect in a real life crisis.

I had walked home from the university, my arms filled with books and turned to walk towards the house I shared with four other girls. I barely glanced at the pick-up truck parked right in front of our sidewalk. A tall, athletic young man poked his head from under the opened hood and called out.

“Would you mind giving me a hand? I need someone to turn the key while I attach some wires together.”

I considered dropping off my books inside and letting my friends know I was home but decided to quickly help this stranger. I climbed into the truck, and he leaned over showing me how to turn the engine over. Suddenly he was sitting on my long maxi coat with one arm restraining me and the other holding a knife to my throat. In a rough voice he ordered,

“Lay down, now’.”

I countered,


“I don’t want anyone to see you handing over your money.”

I angled my head and looked him in the eye,

“No one will think anything. They will simply think that we are boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Something jerked in surprise in his eyes. I had upset the cat/ mouse routine but then he took control again,

“Get down or I’ll slit your throat.”

“Just take my money I have only eleven dollars. Do you want to get life imprisonment for eleven dollars?”

Again, my words startled him, so he pressed the knife against my throat,

“Just do it!”

I could only move my eyes but I glanced down at the knife,

“It’s too rusty and dull. Just let me out. Your truck is perpendicular to my sidewalk. I won’t even see your license plate.”

He was at a loss for words for a moment. Then he sighed,

“I can’t take the chance. Stay put, I’ll drive into the service lane and let you out where it’s dark.”

We were at a stalemate.

“Fine’. I retorted

He backed up into the lane. Before I knew what was happening, he started to cover my eyes with thick electrical dust tape but it was only when the tape covered my mouth, my only source of defense, only then did I panic. I kicked, screamed behind the tape and managed to open the door. Then it was his turn to panic with all the racket I was making. In an angry voice he yelled,

“Just get out you bitch.”

He pushed me out but instead of running as fast as I could, I peeled back the tape covering my mouth and pleaded,

“My books, please give me my books!”

Completely frustrated, he swiped the books out of the truck, slammed the door and took off.

I always say that only a true geek would think of books in a situation like this.

The seriousness of my situation became clear during the next week. The constable who took my testimony whistled as he read it,

“This is a really good statement. Good memory.”

He informed me that the well-known rapist had probably followed me for weeks without my knowledge. Police picked up my coat as evidence. Apparently they found a button in his truck as well as many items of women’s undergarments.

“Are you sure your not hiding what really happened?”

I lost one book, The Complete Analysis of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick and the police chuckled over my concern over a mere textbook. Then the head detective slapped me on the back as I identified my attacker from a picture line-up. He turned to his partner,

” Did you see that? I didn’t even get to put the picture down on the table. Didn’t I tell you we could count on this girl!”

As the police surrounded the rapist’s house with a warrant for his arrest, based on my statement, he shot and killed himself. Afterwards the constable, who first came to our house to take my testimony, phoned me,

“I really am not suppose to do this. I just want to let you know how lucky you were. His last victim was a sixteen year old girl who is pregnant and in the physic ward. We have been after this young guy for a long time. His dad is wealthy, owning a slew of house all over the city with a Mistress in each one. This was one angry nineteen year old.”

I was haunted by my attacker’s face and post-traumatic stress for years but I was grateful to the Holy Spirit for supplying courage and peace during the attack as well as,

The Power of Words to Diffuse Evil and Derail Violence.

14 thoughts on “The Power of His Words to Diffuse Evil and Derail Violence

  1. Words have the power of the Atom harnessed within them. With that power comes great responsibility. Sometimes it will cost you everything to stand for something bigger than yourself, to say what needs to be said. Sometimes your words will leave you with nail scarred hands…


  2. Oh wow. I wanted to offer words of consolation and comfort, and congratulations, but I’m speechless. Too many times words fail when there is no other strength upon which to rely. In your case, your words were your strength, and I’m glad you had them. Thanks for sharing this.


  3. What a remarkable story Melanie. How I thank God that He saved you from such horror! As I was reading this I kept thinking, “God knew her nine kids had to be born and she had to be able to care for them.” As far as the “books!” Girfriend, this is the first time you and I will have to part company on the thought process! 🙂 I have to hand it to you, you are one in a million and that is a good thing! Thanks for sharing and God Bless, SR


  4. Wow! What a story! I admire your quick thinking. Loved the “my books” part. Sorry the guy committed suicide, but his victims probably slept better with him gone. Am I too cruel?


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