A Catholic Mother’s Wisdom

13 thoughts on “A Catholic Mother’s Wisdom

  1. Beautiful! So many things to think about here that places a smile on my face! I hope 8 kids shares her story! 🙂 I am sure that will be a good laugh also. Both of you are “strong women.” God Bless, SR


    1. yes, yes, yes I child’s whole world revolves around the mother for 3 years; they have no sense if an identity separate from the mother till after the “terrible twos are over..which is three. The bonding is incredible, a babies cry is specifically designed to upset and jump start the mum into rushing to her infant. The milk let down reflex is even triggered by a cry

      Baby bunnies put into a warer proof cage were submerged 50 feet domn in a body of water and the mother rabbit KNEW exactly when they woke up and cried out for her

      hey this could be a post


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