Catholic Pinterst Sites Open Doors


 Maria Magdalena
Just the other day, fellow Catholics connected with me on Pinterest, posting on my site and allowing me to post on theirs. By responding to this invitation, a whole new world of photos, paintings and icons has been revealed to me.  Manyof these images will take the modern world by surprise. Sharing images;  what  a wonderful way to connect with other Catholics who might not be avid bloggers but who offer a wealth of visual resources to liven up our blogs, posts and articles.


My pinterset site is one of nine which contributes to this Catholice site.


Our Lord is calling us to become digital evangelists in an effort to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth. The farthest frontiers have long been “discovered” geographically, but are we really in a position to make disciples of all nations and win the world for Christ? Awestruck was born out of the call for Catholics to evangelise the “digital continent”. ALL CATHOLICS JOIN US – visit We need to grow the social network of Catholics and our faith!

The requests were for the following boards on Pinterest- all with great photos

a Poor Clare laughing



    • Apologetics and Catechesis
    • Blessed John Paul II
    •  Blessed Mother Teresa
    • Catholic Bands and Musical
    •  Books, Movies, Media…
    •  Catholic Inspiration
    •  Catholic Kids
    •  Catholic Memes, Comics, Graphics
    •  Catholic News and Events
      Catholic Personalities
    •  Catholic Youth
    •  Chant
    •  Christian Fine Art on “Catholic Feast”
    •  Christian Street Art, Photography, Creative
    •  Consecrated
    • Faith around the World
    •  Family and Marriage
    • Icons
    • Jesus, Mary and Joseph on “Catholic Feast”
    •  Liturgical Seasons
    • Monasteries and Convents
    •  Nature-Gods Creation
    • Our Catholic Faith
    • Saint Padre Pio
    •  Saint Therese of Lisieux
    •  Saints on “Catholic Feast”
    •  The Blessed Virgin & Marian Shrines around the World
    •  The Holy Eucharist The Rosary

St. Joan of Arc-This is a style of painting that would snag any modern woman’s attention who is outside the church


Gianna Beretta Molla (1922-1962)

St. Gianna–a favorite saint.

feast day April 28


                                      Saint John Bosco pray for us and schoolchildren,
                           editors and publishers. Feast day January 31



26 thoughts on “Catholic Pinterst Sites Open Doors

      1. Many parents name their kids with a certain saint in mind. That’s what we did. However, my parents did not! Like you, my middle name is Jean, so many years ago I decided Jeanne d’Arc would be my patron.


    1. please do not waste HOURS of time like I have when someone can help- it is on my site under art and catholic spirityality as well as saints I will change board cover so it shows up right away


  1. Thank you, Melanie, I see it now at the top. I had scanned the “Catholic spirituality” page / group before commenting, without spotting it, and getting to the bottom, the screen read “Loading more pins” for some time and I lost patience. Peace


  2. Melanie, thanks so much for posting about this. I confess I am an idiot and haven’t a clue how to use Pinterest, sign up for it, what it does, etc. Are we free to use images found there on our blogs with appropriate links/credits? Wish I had you here to walk me through this.


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