Scriptural Advice: Relax and Laugh

We do not have to manufacture joy because it is a gift, a fruit of the Holy Spirit with in all of us.  When I look deep, deeper than surface emotions and thoughts, right to my core,  joy bubbles up effortlessly. HE shares HIS joy with me and it is contagious.


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15 thoughts on “Scriptural Advice: Relax and Laugh

  1. I’m glad your heart has hardened to the point you can laugh at the misery of others. You must be very spiritual, indeed!


  2. I am so sorry Melanie, as I have never known you but to be kind and compassionate towards the “sufferings of others.” Including myself. Anyways, I loved the post! 🙂 I like the thought of going to the “core” inside of myself, and seeing what is there. Very thought provoking that statement! 😉 One I intend to put in practice! Great post and thanks for sharing. God Bless, SR


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