It has been barely a year since I began writing again, after a 33 year sabbatical. Yes, you did read that correctly, it has not been weeks or months but 30+ years since I wrote more than mummy drivel or edited high school and university essays.

It took a few months of interacting with other writers first on my blog and then on interactive sites like BlogHer and BlogCatalog before I started to relax. Comments and words of encouragement welcomed me as an equal into their writing communities with open arms.

The real breakthrough came via BrooWaha because this site’s guidelines as well as the CEO, Tony Berkman and Angie taught me how to write articles, not just posts. In additon, experienced writers interacted with this house wife and mum.

BrooWaha, BCBlogs and Wordcasters, publish regular articles, I am a columnist at CatholicMom and Catholic Stand while syndicated feeds post stuff on Foundation LifeCatholic CanadaSociety of Canadian Catholic BloggersCatholic Feast and Catholic Spirituality Blogs. Other Sites have picked up columns.

Before I could even go through my first article , Stacy Trasancos the Chief Editor of Ignitum Today and Catholic Stand simply reformatted it, boxed the quotes and published it. I was stunned for a minute because I had yet to make sure that it met with their guidelines printed in three documents. I had not even dared to have an editor look it over yet. Miracle of miracles, I wrote like I always write, in a conversational tone, simply letting the words flow through my fingers. I even found all the spelling mistakes.

To every person who comments with positive advice, know that you give writers more than a good feeling, you encourage us to improve.


I highly recommend

Blessings and Prayers for Married Couples: A Faith Full Love


Blessings and Prayers for Married Couples: A Faith Full Love

Here is the perfect resource for encouraging married couples to engage in the spiritual discipline of daily prayer as a means of affirming the blessings and intimacy of their relationship.

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      1. me too- it can make a great book- fellow blogger at Blogher wrote a true life, gritty, funny memoir about the first year as a cop at 40 in a small Texas town and it is doing well


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