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Posted by Big Click Winners: Joy of Nine9, The Cloistered Heart, Hand-Maid with Love, All the Saints and Peter and Paul AND 8 Kids and A Business!

Welcome to the                                                                                                              
2013 Catholic Blogger Link-Up Blitz.3e8f9-monthly_linkup_blitz
Announcing the Big Clicks Catholic Bloggers 
for April 2013!
In the category of…
Readings and Reflections,
the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is:
Joy of Nine9 for the post
It’s True! It Is Really True!
for March
Catechism and Apologetics,
the Big Clicks Catholic Blogger is
Joy of Nine9 for the post
The Fire of God

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7 thoughts on “Come Join 491 Other Catholic Bloggers

  1. Love reading about other moms who are in the midst of raising more than 1.3 kids. Never have figured out how you get the .3 Your work is quite good, loved your piece over on the Stand.


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