Icon of Mary for Catholic Communicators

Icon of Mary for Catholic Communicators

                               Sr. Marie Paul Curley

Painting of Mary, Queen of Apostles,

commissioned by Bl. James Alberione,

Founder of the Pauline Family

Mary, Queen of Apostles, is a wonderful icon for Catholic writers and communicators.

On May 18th, the Saturday before Pentecost, the Pauline Family celebrates the Feast of Mary, Queen of Apostles. The images of Mary, Queen of Apostles, usually picture her at Pentecost, when she was gathered in prayer with the Apostles. It’s a very special feastday for us as communicators of the Gospel, because Mary is the ultimate Communicator of the Word of God.

8 thoughts on “Icon of Mary for Catholic Communicators

  1. Thanks for the reblog Melanie. I loved the part about the Blessed Mother giving “Jesus to us.” Kind of tied it all in for me. I wish I understood all there is to understand regarding icons. There is so much I miss like that. Thanks again and God Bless, SR


  2. Would you please tell me anything you can about the beautiful picture of Jesus reaching down while walking on water, or the artist Yongkim Kim? This amazing picture is being passed around FB and I’d like to know more ~ without credit to the artist 😦


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