Mary is Living in my Heart? Help!

What would be the absolute worst thing that could happen to a nice Protestant girl?

Why Mary, the Blessed Virgin, would do a little interior house cleaning, then make a home for herself in the poor girl’s heart, that’s what! If that was not bad enough, this perplexed young woman’s belief system would stay staunchly anti-Catholic for oh, about another 10 years, even though she had converted to Catholicism. I mean what choice did she have? Nobody but the Catholic Church even wants someone who craves the Eucharist and has a relationship with the Mother of Christ.

Obviously this young woman was and is me. God has a peculiar sense of humour and now I can look back and laugh at my dilemma. At the time, though I was shook up. As Pope Francis said at the Easter Vigil, God delights in shaking us up or like I like to say, ripping the rug from underneath us. Nope, God will not stay in a nice, neat little box of our own making. Just when we think we have Him all figured out, He pulls another fast one on us. Thank goodness; life is never boring when you give God permission to work in your life.

Actually, we really do not have a clue what we are saying “yes” to in the beginning of our Christian walk. At our wedding, 34 years ago, I sensed these words within my heart.

I will change the way you the two of you work and play, the way you walk and talk,  the way you laugh and cry, everything about you, so that  you will reflect the glory of my Father in heaven.

Foolishly we thought that this was a great word from God!!! Little did we know that 34 years later we are still being turned inside out. I would not have it any other way. Once at a prayer meeting we were singing Let the Fire Fall. With  His typical sense of humour, I heard a burst of laughter within me and the these words in my spirit,

You do not have a clue what you what you are saying (chuckle) but I am taking you at your word!  My fire is falling on your heart.





Would I live any other way?


13 thoughts on “Mary is Living in my Heart? Help!

  1. Ha! Ha! Love the title and the way you write about God turning our lives inside out. He’s good at that.

    Yes, God certainly does have a peculiar sense of humor 🙂


  2. He never ceases to amaze me, too. Sure, there will be trials. I lost friends and family when I became Catholic, but life is abundant like Jesus promised. 🙂


  3. I think Jesus sends His Mother to many, many people who are not Catholic or Christian to prepare them for the work He intends to do in and with them. The mercy of God is endless.


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