Moments of Grace


Join us each Friday at Suscipio as we pause to look back on our week and find those moments of God’s grace we may have missed in the noise and distraction of everyday life.

Why do you think people can’t wait to get outside for a breath of fresh air?

Why do kids plead to play outside?

Why do we rush out of the door on Fridays to camp, fish, golf, play sports or lay in the sun?

It is because even if people think they are unbelievers, their inner soul touches the divine outside.

For me, just looking at my gardens and even more so working in the warm earth,  brings me into God’s presence. Nature is another portal into the heavens because His presence is suffused into every molecule of nature.

 From the tiniest bug to the largest mountain was created in, through and with the Spirit of God. Simply stepping outside immerses us in His presence. Ah, to live in a constant state of gratitude, aware of His grace every minute  would be a taste of heaven. Even if I were to live in the midst of a concrete jungle, I could at least stop for a moment, look up and give thanks. I simply need to remind myself to glance upwards, above my little busy world and enjoy the sky. The sky alone is an extravagant present that continually fills me with the joy if I remember to take a break from my ‘important’ business.

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