The Right to Life




Words that are bantered about daily





without a connection to reality, to real flesh and blood people.


This photo illustrates the reality of life.

The circle of life

The right to complete

our circle of life in God’s will

in His timing

Is it a miracle that this tiny baby

and this elderly, hospitalized man  are alive?

Their encounter is precious;

even the baby realizes a special moment

The divine spark of life

burns just as brightly

in a young infant and

a bed-ridden elderly man.

Both recognize each other in

their silent communion,

as they look deeply into

each other’s eyes.


10 thoughts on “The Right to Life

  1. It is a shame that in many countries neither of these two are far from having their sacred right to life a negotiable factor; a shame that both abortion and euthanasia are so widely accepted and practiced.


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