Deo Optimo Maximo: The Catholic Best Moment Award


Deo optimo maximo, often abbreviated D.O.M., is a Latin phrase that originally meant “to the greatest and best god”, referring to Jove, when the Romans were polytheists : IOVI OPTIMO MAXIMO (I O M). Centuries later, after the Romans had become monotheists via the adoption of Christianity, the phrase was used in reference to the Christian God, and meant “To God, most good, most great.” Its use continued long after the fall of Roman civilization via Europe’s retention of Latin as a scholarly and ecclesiastical language. Thus the phrase or its abbreviation can be found on many Renaissance-era churches and other buildings, especially over sarcophagi, particularly in Italy. It is also inscribed on bottles of Bénédictine wine.

If you want to be edified, uplifted, educated or challenged, read any or all of these gifted Spiritual writers:

28 thoughts on “Deo Optimo Maximo: The Catholic Best Moment Award

  1. I am so humbled by this Melanie. This truly touched me and I thank you and as 8 kids said, “For your kind words.” You are kind of an inspirational lady yourself. 😉 I thank God for your blog always, as I love your family. God Bless, SR


  2. Thanks for this post and list. I’ve ordered the Cloistered Heart and scanned the sites that were new to me — I’m sure I’ll return them all for more reading. Thanks again, God Bless


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