7QT Friday- When You Give

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7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 223)

  •  As believers, we are all connected not only to God but to each other in the Mystical Body of Christ.  It is as if  the Lord has plugged us into an invisible circuit board where a mere thought lights up a surge of power and love that moves with the speed of light directly to the heart of God and to the soul we are praying for. Many times my parents, sister and children realized that when I mention exactly when I interceded for their needs, they had felt a burden lift.
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  • Today I discovered a heart breaking new post from a desperate single father of  a beautiful little daughter. He has looked for  work for 14 months. A former military guy, he is hardworking and a devoted father who has finally called out through the web for help.
  • His blog was a mess, thrown together at the last-minute, a panicky attempt to try one last thing to prevent eviction and homelessness. I KNEW he was legitimate but his wording and presentation would turn people off. So I offered to take a few hours to do a header, new theme, grab some pictures and blog one of his posts on MY blog. Instead of one and two views, he now has 116 within the last couple of hours but NO help= no job, no donations.
  • This man is fasting on water and one small meal and day and still scouring for anything he can get. I saw his résumé months ago on the web, did not hear from him till today.
  • An donations will be paid back in full, this is a proud guy. I am asking you to pray about it and perhaps, if the Lord leads you to give your tithe to a person this month and not the official parish church, because we are all one Body in Christ. When one of us suffers, we all suffer.
  • God is the great “I AM” who exists  yesterday, today and tomorrow. His Spirit mysteriously unites all of us, intimately present to each soul, all at the same time. Our whispered hello to God and each other is called prayer.


11 thoughts on “7QT Friday- When You Give

  1. What a beautiful heart you have. I’m praying for him as well. Lord, thank You that You provide all our needs. Help him to trust You – and give him a job…quick! In Jesus’ Name.


  2. I will pray for this child of God.I will thank God ahead of time because I know God will provide all that he needs. It may take time. He is a great God and does let his children suffer some to bring him closer to Himself. My heart is crying out to God for this man and his daughter. Anxiously awaiting the miracle. Thank you Melanie for sharing this with us.Dana Bradley


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