MelanieThis father of one daughter is panicking and desperate. He is a devoted fatherand a good, hard-working man, just look at his work history. He has been actively searching for work in Kansa for 14 months, ( I ran across his posted resume 6 months ago).  Every day he walks door to door and sends out 20 resumes. He is fasting on water, trying to eat one small meal a day so his daughter can still eat but is facing eviction in a couple of weeks. Please pray about this situation and consider a small loan to tide them over till he gets hired. He will not be at peace till everyone is paid back  He includes his résumé which includes years in the military.

This picture was taken last year before he was out of work.He reluctantly posted it at my urging; he does not want anyone slandering his little girl.


  1. Dear Melanie,
    I gave a donation to Jorge in August, who is living in the same town where I went to university 30 years ago. Good coincidence as I was following links one evening. But I was disappointed to see so many hits and views after your post, but only a few donations. (Hmm?) Certainly some people cannot give. But others may just be skeptical why an able-bodied man doesn’t take any job that comes along. I think a single mom would receive a different response because they do not have family to help with childcare…
    As a Catholic blogger myself, I am wondering about this poor man Jorge, especially in the face of Pope Francis’ enormous compassion. Your own name doesn’t appear on his list of donations, is that because you didn’t give? Just curious.
    Candise & Crew


    1. I agree with your assessment- people are jaded and distrustful- this man is a vet, for heaven’s sake. As for myself,ee have nine children who are all 18 and older but live on a disability and just make ends meet but honestly we even had to give up our world vision foster child after 15 years- I crochet gifts, shop second-hand, we barter or go with out if an unexpected need arises. There simply is no extra cash. My gift was to promote his cause and set up his blog intially


      1. Thanks, Melanie, for your honest answer. You were courageous to help a fellow soul with publicity even if not many readers understood. “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels unawares.” (Heb. 13:2)


  2. Prayers are definitely important. God wants the poor to trust in Him and live on the right path. Recently, Jorge disclosed that he ALSO receives a disability/VA benefit… I was shocked that he had not revealed that detail before. He is now receiving food stamps and has returned to college on the GI Bill. I think he can make ends meet, especially since he is able to work.


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