Emerson Mertens: Expressing Joy and Inspiring Hope

Expressing Joy and Inspiring Hope ~ Through the Art of Dance

Emerson Mertens ~

Dancer, Choreographer,

Instructor, Company Director,

Actress, Photographer, Writer

In my mind, a dancer’s body creates art, like paint on the brush of an artist or words on through the finger tips of a writer. The movements of a dancer speak as loudly as words on paper. It’s like watching a pen or paintbrush in motion displaying the beauty of each delicate movement…a true form of communication.

Em is a ballet dancer with a mission. She explains on her blog,

“I desire to use my training in the arts to bring hope, joy, and inspiration to the students I teach, to those who work with me, and to those who may watch me perform. I want to show others who God has made me to be and touch their lives in some way through my expression of the arts.”

She began her serious dance studies at eight years old, focusing mainly on classical ballet. Her formal training includes classical, contemporary, and neoclassical ballet, modern, improv, jazz, and tap, along with acting, comedic improv, and voice. Graduating high school two years early allowed her to concentrate heavily on her studies of the arts and start her company and dance ministry. Her performing career started at age 12 when she was chosen to perform the lead role of Clara in “The Nutcracker” with the Minnesota Ballet Company.She has studied under many famous dancers, teachers and choreographers.emersonmertensjsi161

Emerson and her dance company have performed her original choreography at the Kansas City production of Project Dance, the internationally touring New York City dance event. Her choreography has been featured many times in the past nine years, including performances at the Reflections in a Puddle Arts Series, Storling Trainee “Dance” concert, Indiana University Summer Ballet Intensive, and a Passion Play. As a teacher at her own dance studio, Anazao Dance, Em ‘s goal is to show her students that all it takes is a willing heart and God can do awesome things through them. With her choreography, she hopes that the audience will experience dance in a way that will light up their Heart, Soul, and Mind.

Em’s motto as a teacher and a dancer is, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. ~ Colossians 3:23-24

FIND EM AT http://emersonmertens.wordpress.com/

Anazao Dance


9 thoughts on “Emerson Mertens: Expressing Joy and Inspiring Hope

  1. Melanie, thank you so much for sharing with everyone about what God has called me to do! You are so kind and I am honored that you chose my work to share on your blog. All glory goes to Him who gave me this passion and the amazing opportunity to share it with others. It is such a blessing to me! I pray that God blesses you and I know He will bless others through your work. 🙂 – Emerson


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