7QT Friday: Author and Journalist?

7 Quick Takes Friday, “What day is it again?” edition

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday, What day is it again? edition

  • images-2.jpgThis week has changed me. God has blessed me through other writers and authors by promoting and encouraging my writing and by finally setting me on the right track for the book I am to write. All of a sudden something clicked inside of me. It was a paradigm shift, like a suddenly from the Holy Spirit as I settled into my new outer identity.  HOWEVER, I did not spend 18 straight years rinsing out diapers in a toilet for nothing. I know who I am. A daughter of God. Period.
  • On LinkedIn, a monk, actually an anchorite in a hermitage, created  two new categories and endorsed me for the categories of published author and journalist.  I was flabbergasted.  Sure, on-line sites publish my articles and I am a columnist for 5 different on-line sites like Catholic Stand and BrooWaha, A Citizen newspaper but I never considered that I am anything more than a mum who likes to write.
  • I messaged this monk.

I am a newbie who has only been writing for 1 year and 4 months, after a 33 year sabbatical raising 9 kids and helping run our hobby farm (actually a Let’s feed our crew” sort of farm). Your endorsememt shook me and then filled me with so much joy that I could hardly type fast enough to keep up with the torrent of words that rose up from my spirit. So thank-you. You are a gift from the Lord


To be endorsed for all these official sounding titles is a heart stopping experience BUT gives me a push to do what I know is my new call. It is a call

“Lady you’re a ” Super Mom and a Super Duper Journalist ”

having great talents and that’s the truth. You deserve all those endorsements. !

Keep up the excellent work.

With prayers,

Brother ….

  • Suddenly, four people had endorsed me as a published author and journalist. Another two referred to me in comments as a journalist. A third said I was qualified to write for a job.

Francesco A.A. MastracchioCatechist and Author on Religion and Mysticism, Greater New York City Area

Brother Justin Mc CarthyBrother  Anchorite at Our Lady of Kazan Hermitage, San Francisco Bay Area

Sherry AntonettiCatholic Mother of ten and Free Lance Writer with a masters in Special Education and an opinion on everything., Washington D.C. Metro Area

Lisa M. HendeyIndependent Writing and Editing Professional, Fresno, California Area

  • Another contact connected me with an editor who selected two beta readers to read my stuff. Although I am just beginning, after two hours of discussions, I finally had a sense of what my book will look like.

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