Lawn Chair Catechism: Openness


 Session 8: The Third Threshold: Openness

When I speak with someone who is curious about the faith, I realize my revelations about the spiritual life in the Mystical Body of Christ are like speaking about a foreign country. Psychologically speaking, a person needs to hear a completely new concept at least three times before it even begins to register. Sharing about spiritual reality is like helping God make new electrical connections in their brains and this does not happen quickly. They have existed on surface, physical reality with God-filtered glasses on; the life in Christ that I share with them is completely alien. They have no reference point.

That said, slowly sharing my conversion story, epiphanies and inexplicable miracles in my life tickles their curiosity and opens their spirit to the Holy Spirit. I always remind myself that it is the Holy Spirit who knocks on the door of their heart, I am simply an open window, a landing strip, an antenna that connects the power of God to the earth.

As an intercessor, I stand in the gap for the curious by surrounding them with the saints and angels. I always hide them in the heart of God to protect the seeker from the wiles of the Evil One and the lies of secular society. Just like St. Thérèse of Lisieux, I know that all the hearts Jesus has connected to mine are lifted up when I lift my heart up to God the Father. A beam of Light shines on them when I pray.

When my inner life is dry, The Holy Spirit always rises up with joy and love. While a visitor is in my kitchen sipping tea or snags me after Mass, God never fails to manifest His Presence for the other’s sake. I do not fake a warm smile, joy literally bubbles up from deep within my spirit. I have learned how to live in the Spirit, not my mind or my emotions, at least when God needs to use a handy body with ears and a mouth. I also watch their body language, never overwhelming them with too much detail at first.

My tips for evangelizing?

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Laugh and keep a sense of humour.
  • Remember, you’re just the donkey.
  • God does the real work.

26 thoughts on “Lawn Chair Catechism: Openness

  1. Reblogged this on Lessons by Heart and commented:
    This is the best teaching on evangelism ever! Enjoy joy of nine9’s post – and then read some of her other articles. There is a whole buffet awaiting you, beautifully presented by this delightful woman of God!



  2. You speak what I feel. I live only by the power of God speaking to me through the Holy Spirit. I wrote my testimony on my blog if you’d like to read it – and have the time. During my conversion experience I viscerally felt the Holy Spirit enter me through the top of my head. I have been aware of this spirit almost every minute I’m awake. Two spirits [mind and H.S.] living inside this one body.
    here is my testimony:


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