The Great Story of Jesus.

TheHandOfGodThis week, we’ll be covering Chapter 10: Do Tell: The Great Story of Jesus.



We can no longer assume that even an educated adult knows the basic story of Jesus Christ.  But knowing this story is essential to conversion:

Our own personal witness can help illuminate and make living, compelling, and believable aspects of Jesus’ story, but it cannot take the place of Jesus’ story.

For discussion:

In your own faith:

  • Are you practiced in sharing the Gospel story? Have you ever heard it told especially well?
  • How can you become more skilled at explaining and answering questions about the Gospel?

First I feel prompted to tell MY salvation Story. I grew up on the stories of Jesus,  in fact the entire Bible, singing songs about His love, memorizing bible verses…. i knew it all and i realize now that I was a prayerful kid; God was close to me but as a teen i could not quite “put the dots together” because NO ONE talked about accepting His forgiveness and committing my life to God.

I have known and heard many salvation messages, personal witnesses and sermons on the life of Christ, His death on the Cross, Resurrection, the descent of the Holy Spirit and the necessity of a personal decision for Christ. I was raised in the cool, calm and Conservative Presbyterian church where NOBODY talked about a personal relationship with Jesus. Listening to evangelical friend stirred a desire in me for an intimacy with God.

like the idealistic teen that I was, I dared to stand up in front of a Conference of Canadian ministers, missionaries and elders and ask,

“After 11 years of faithful Sunday School attendance, why had no one told me that it was even possible to have a personal relationship with Jesus?. Do I have to go to the Jesus People or the Baptists to learn how to be  to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

Of course everyone clapped as I sat done with my heart pounding. A Presbyterian missionary, with her silver hair swept up in an elegant bun and her eyes twinkling with the love of God,  asked,

Have you accepted Jesus as your Saviour?

I was baffled,

I  am not sure; I don’t think so.. I am not sure.

Umm.. I am sure you already have because just now you spoke in the Spirit, with His power and clarity. Just to make sure, when you are in your room tonight,  accept Jesus as your saviour by asking Him to forgive your sins and accepting the salvation He offers you. Then commit your life to Christ. Tomorrow we will pray together for the in filling of His Holy Spirit.

Well, I felt foolish, like I was speaking to thin air or the wall BUT the next morning and in fact the next few years, i was flying in the midst of the “honeymoon stage” that swept me right into the arms of the Catholic Church. God pulled a fast one on me because He placed Mary in my heart and no self-respecting Protestant church would have me.

Now that my life has been in Him for 40 years, since I was 17, I can speak about the gospel. the Kerygma or basic Christian, and lead others through the steps towards committing their life to God. There is no greater joy than watching God work in someone’s heart.


7 thoughts on “The Great Story of Jesus.

  1. Got a chance to share with a door-to-door salesman just yesterday. We talked for about 45 minutes. He was a sweet young man. I sent him away with a Bible, and the fire of Jesus burning in his heart. He wasn’t ready to commit right then, but I’m betting I will see him in heaven one day! What a blessing it is to have opportunities like that, eh? 😉



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