7QT Fridays: God Opens Doors


This week, God dramatically demonstrated that He is in charge, that everything happens according to His perfect planning and timing. My spiritual director causally mentioned that now my writing online would be blessed, that it would flourish. 

  • Layout ImageTwo days later, after leaving a comment on Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner, Kim e-mailed me . She is obviously a woman of prayer; her words were powerful and set my heart and hands on fire.

I’ve actually been thinking about you. I know you are busy and have other writing commitments but you’ve been on my heart for a while.  I would love it if you’d join our writing staff or at least consider writing one piece or a series of articles on a particular topic.  I feel you have a unique perspective as an experienced mom looking 

at this gentle parenting life from the other side as children begin to emerge into the world, finding their way.  Let me know what you think or if you have any questions!

Kim Cameron-Smith
Founder and Editor
Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner
  • The very next day, Jackie Parkes at Association Of Catholic Women Bloggers, asked me if I would consider taking over her site as the new administrator. I responded with a resounding yes and marvelled at the accuracy of my directors words. It was very comforting to realize that once again, he listens to the Father and only says what the Father tells him to say.
  • I am artistic, so of course the first thing that I worked on was the template, layout and design. It took most of the day but I love it and now the site feels like home, already.download

Three prayerful people who listen to the Father in heaven and obey!

  • Tuesday saw Top Catholic Blogs -Catholic Bloggers All in One Place adding my blog to this list. Note this is a new site that does not simply list blogs but offers a list of the last few posts to give readers an idea of the blog’s theme. There is only one page as of today and you can suggest your own blog to be on the list. Here is my listing

                 Joyof nine9

The Great Story of Jesus.

Happiness is not About Success

The Feast of the Transfiguration – August 6

Catholic Woman’s Almanac {CWA}

Sunday Snippets

Come join us at Assocciation for Catholic Women Bloggers

7 Quick Takes on Angels?

Bess Chakravarty: A Modern-day Iconogragher

Break the Silence.

  • Every story I added to ReadWave gained 25 reads in minutes, made the trending list and within 30 minutes were the top trending stories..all 6 of them so far this week.

Readwave logo

Melanie Jean Juneau's avatar
by Melanie Jean Juneau
Becoming a Writer After All cover
3 min read

“Melanie, there are some things that you just can’t get out of books.”

So tell me, is this experience simply a typical example of a bit of success with social links, commenting, page rank and cross posts? Or, is the Guy in the Sky teaching me to listen and trust?

13 thoughts on “7QT Fridays: God Opens Doors

  1. Congrats! May the Lord grant you an immense harvest for all your labor. He surely is showering you with favor! I’m blessed to know you and often find a lovely “meal” laid out when I drop by for a “visit.” Thanks, dear one!



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