Catholic: And Living it!

Catholic and Living it!  is a new Link-up with Jennifer at Catholic Inspired.
Catholic Inspired ~ Arts, Crafts, and Activities!

This is a link-up for any Catholic-centered posts. These would be posts that focus on Catholic decor, crafts, books, celebrations,  or any other Catholic centered thoughts or activities. The posts don’t need to be fancy; just thoughts and ideas for your fellow Catholics!
Please, join in and see what inspiration you can gain to live a more Catholic life!

Catholic: And Living it!” link up on the second Wednesday of each month.

The rules are very simple:

  1. The post must be Catholic centered.
  2. No items for sale.
  3. Link back to this blog, so others can join in and see everyone’s great links!

– See more at:

It is exciting to be part of a new project right on the first day.  Although I have been writing for only  18 months, I  have discovered that bloggers are inclusive, encouraging and helpful, especially when we reach out to read, comment and participate in community activities; so, I welcome yet another chance to connect with other bloggers, especially  other creative Catholic, women.

I hardly know where to start because every one of my nine kids are creative and/or artistic. My “secret” to raising creative kids is to try to live in, with and through The Creator! It is the Holy Spirit in us and in our children who brings them to a fullness of life and for me the joy of living is to co-create with Him.

For my first submission I present the best thing that I have helped create with kids!!!

faces (2)

6 thoughts on “Catholic: And Living it!

  1. Melanie, your family is just beautiful!!
    There is no better thing to create than a new life! And having a large family is a great way to live the faith!
    I’m not sure if you know this, but you and I have something in common. My husband and I have 9 kids, too. Your kids seem to be much older than mine. Mine are 15 to 2. Do you have 3 boys and 6 girls? (I think that’s what I’m seeing in the pics.) Wow, that’s what we have too! And we live on a hobby farm! Did you homeschool?
    BTW: I almost have my BBB back! 🙂 – I just need to lose 5 LB.
    Thank you for such for the wonderful introduction. I’m very happy you have joined in the link-up. It’s always nice to meet a mom who has walked the road I’m walking! Hope to see you around!
    Blessings to you and your wonderful family!


    1. what a wonderful surprise to meet a younger mum of nine on a hobby farm..there goes my original by-line for my short stories/book. Blessings to you, starting this link-up is an inspired idea that come striaght from God.


  2. Wow! What a lovely way to look at creativity. I have only two little one and enjoying every minute with the one God allowed us to keep. What a joy seeing the world through the kid’s eyes.


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