Mary Crushes Satan

We cannot allow fear of the devil and deception to be stronger than our trust in God’s Mercy and Grace. Fear freezes us, often preventing the inner spiritual journey that leads to fullness of life in Christ. 

As Catholics, we are often leery of personal revelation. Of course we should be cautious but what are we so worried about? The Church protects us with the gift of confession, the mystical tradition of the Church, spiritual direction and encourages us to study the bible. All theses tools act as personal sign posts and safe guards. Like all  Christians, Catholics  have received the Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth.

Why don’t we, as Catholics,  give the Holy Spirit permission to do His job? The Holy Spirit is our inner Companion who leads us; we do not  live in fear of  spiritual revelations. Many of God the Father’s children are so afraid that the devil will lead them astray, they do not even listen to His interior whispers of love. Surely we trust more in God  the Almighty, ruler of heaven and earth than a mere fallen angel?

“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.” John 16:13

What a conundrum in the Body of Christ. I cannot helping feeling sorry for our Lord as I observe the discord between His children. Catholics mistrust revelations of other Christians and Protestants often think that Catholics are open to the occult by praying to Mary and the Saints. They even wonder if we are  saved! Let’s not behave like arrogant Pharisees but humbly trust solely in God to lead and teach us as His children and leave condemnation to the Evil One.


The moral life of Christians is sustained by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These are permanent dispositions which make man docile in following the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. They belong in their fullness to Christ, Son of David.109 They complete and perfect the virtues of those who receive them. They make the faithful docile in readily obeying divine inspirations.

Let your good spirit lead me on a level path. For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God . . . If children, then heirs, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ.

Often  Christians must simply acknowledge that we cannot intellectually grasp all heavenly mysteries. We  choose to continue our walk in, with, and through the Holy Spirit, trusting in God without fear of making a mistake. We cannot allow fear of the devil and deception to be stronger than our trust in God’s Mercy and Grace. Fear freezes us, often preventing the inner spiritual journey that leads to fullness of life in Christ. Trust me, I know what fear can do to a person. Now I realize that God the Father will bring me into the light; He will lead me into all truth.

I once attended a retreat where a Madonna House priest, actually Archbishop Raya, the Archbishop of Lebanon, said something like this:

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because Jesus will wash you clean and then tell you to go play again. He does not say, “Stand in the corner and don’t you dare get dirty again.” Just like a mother, he bathes a dirty child and then tells him to go outside and play again.

Trust more in God’s power to guide than the Devil’s to deceive.

Trust in God




  1. My daughter and I love the Biography of Saint John Vianney. When the Devil(s) had done all they could do to try and discourage and/or frighten him, none of it worked, they were reduced to calling into his window “Potato Eater”.

    Humility and detachment from the material items is always it seems the hall mark of the greats. This is not to say we cannot have nice things but we must not allow our things to have us.

    When we have been brought to the place where we stand completely naked, helpless carrying only our hope and faith, at the foot of The Cross, is the place that when we make our stand in Jesus the prince of this world, principalities and powers fear and tremble, flee the Warrior Christian!


  2. Excellent post! I love the analogy of being sent out to play…and needing to be washed up again, just like a child. A little dirt never worried the Savior, it’s us who resist the baths, choosing instead to continue to play in the mud…(and throw it at our brothers and sisters, pointing out how dirty they look).

    I will be thinking on this more, good thought provoking post, Melanie.


  3. “When sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.” (Rom. 5:20) Our God is greater than sin, despair or even the devil himself. Thanks for the post!


    1. although we do not have formal ties anymore, Fr. Pelton from Madonna House sent us to Fr. Bob Bedard and the Companions to help heal our hearts after serving as parish workers. We were in touch for about 25 years


    1. wow..just after someone rejected it as my submission for a Catholic Site because they follow Carmelite Spirituality and worry I will lead others astray

      THANK-YOU this one is from my heart, although slightly tinged with anger at those who shut all inner life down


  4. Do NOT worry. There are many views and opinions about Christianity. The main importance is our personal relationship with God. The message of your post is excellent and still stands; no matter what others think. There are many who are more frightened and paralysed by the devil’s lies than trusting in God and His salvation.

    God bless you.


  5. This is fantastically reassuring – thank you. It is something we need to hear often, because even when we know this intellectually, we can get carried away with our fear in the circumstance of whatever difficult “now” in which we find ourselves.

    Thanks also for including Archbishop Raya’s words. It’s a beautiful characterization of a simple truth and it really spoke to me. 🙂


  6. Thank you for the reminder. I am in the middle of a double move and I am not enjoying it. I needed to focus on what is important. You did just that. May you be bless many times over for the gift of peace you bestowed on me today!


      1. i will do it now

        I just remembered a comment I typed for you , to add an overt “God” prayer, thanks or God bless to make articles on daughter “Catholic” because this is a Catholic Women’s site

        On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 10:52 AM, joy of nine9


      2. I haven’t found an ending I like, yet. I did not forget your request. Please allow me several more days to try out some of the ones I am thinking of. My favorite so far is…just do it…How does this sound to you?


  7. Wow, this is awesome and what encouragement! I’ve walked through periods of being paralyzed with fear (spiritual warfare) and still at times I struggle with not sinking back when I recognize the signs.

    Words from the Lord that help me are: “What father among you would hand his son a snake when he asks for a fish? Or hand him a scorpion when he asks for an egg? If you… know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him?” (Luke 11:11-14) and

    “Little children, you are of God, and have overcome them; for He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)

    OK, better stop. Your post brought to memory so much from God. Thank you, and again, God Bless!


  8. Thank you, Melanie. This post was very comforting and encouraging! I pray we all listen for the Spirit’s whispering in our hearts. It is disquieting, to say the least, when I feel God call me in a certain direction, and then feel “others who know more/better” are telling me I might lead others astray. I didn’t realize I needed to be reminded of Christ’s guidance and forgiveness, and that I can and should trust in his Holy Spirit(!)


  9. Good post. Yes we must let the Holy Spirit do His work – and God does give us His grace and mercy. If you look up the meaning of Grace in a Greek/Hebrew dictionary you will find that Grace also means the empowerment. God gives us supernatural empowerment to deal with things that we cannot deal with it on our own. I appreaciate what you shared and have subscribed.


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