Finding My Niche and Now a Community

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Editor’s Note:  I am thrilled to announce to our CAPC community our new staff writer,Melanie Jean Juneau.   Melanie is an experienced attached mom:  she raised 9 children who are all grown up and having children of their own!  She shares her joy and insight at her personal blog Joy of Nine9.  

Melanie's children

Melanie’s children

When I first stumbled upon Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner, I reacted with a combination of surprise, delight and relief.  Surprise that there was actually an official label and even a distinguished author who sanctioned the way I have mothered for 33 years, delight to discover a community of like-minded Catholic parents, and profound relief to know that I am not alone.


17 thoughts on “Finding My Niche and Now a Community

  1. CONGRATULATIONS once again. I’m really pleased for you. Well done.

    I’ll have to visit their website and learn more.

    I like it how you always manage to find great pictures to go with your posts.

    God bless.


  2. As a young “Catholic Attachment Parent” (didn’t even know I had a title…I feel so esteemed!), I am so grateful you posted this. I have a four year-old son with whom we’ve co-slept since his birth, and I have felt quite alone these past few years. You’ve led me to a community that I’ve been needing. Thanks!


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