EWTN Interviews Cheryl Dickow, President of Bezalel Books

This fascinating video is a Journey Home episode that aired last night, Mark Grodi interviews Cheryl Dickow about  faith and her publishing company, Bezalel Books.


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This interview is the fascinating story of a woman, Cheryl Dickow, who grew up surrounded and influenced by a Jewish community. God calls her back to rediscover her Catholic roots. Subsequently, after a conversion eexperience, she starts teaching as a 40 year-old, on-fire Catholic in a parochial school. To use Cheryl’s own words she was her grade seven student’s, “worst nightmare”. The kids could hardly handle her but unbeknownst to her, seeds of faith were planted. By the time her students were in grade eight, many came back to ask her to be their sponsor for Confirmation.

As a Religion and English teacher, she struggled to find fiction for her grade seven students. At first she used general Christian fiction but to fill an appalling lack of good Catholic fiction, she began writing for her students.

Cheryl Dickow Books

Later, Cheryl started her own publishing company.Bezalel: in the shadow of God in Hebrew
…Bezalel Books.
 A picture of interviewer Marcus Grodi and Cheryl Dickow from in Catholic Lane,
Marcus Grodi and Cheryl Dickow

Video of interview Marcus Grodi and Cheryl Dickow-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_IJSeaAcJc


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