Stained Glass Angels

Relax and bask in the peace evoked by strong images of angels as the Light of God light shines  through these rich colours.

10 thoughts on “Stained Glass Angels

  1. I love them all… I just found out why angels seem to wear “headbands”: to cover their ears so they can listen to God’s voice only! Isn’t this awesome. I wish my headbands could work that way.


      1. I have been writing icons for the last eight years. That’s how I found out why they have “headbands” (I forgot to put one on my angel and my teacher explained to me the meaning behind it…so, I gave him a “headband”).


      2. Well… I do not mean the little squares on your computer. I mean paintings of saints and Biblical scenes. The process is called writing when it involves icons because it assumes the benevolent presence and help of the saint depicted. I wrote a blog about it, if interested.


      3. see post I did on
        bess chakravarty: a modern-dayiconogragher


        I would love to do one on you soon


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