10 thoughts on “Stained Glass Angels

  1. I love them all… I just found out why angels seem to wear “headbands”: to cover their ears so they can listen to God’s voice only! Isn’t this awesome. I wish my headbands could work that way.


      1. I have been writing icons for the last eight years. That’s how I found out why they have “headbands” (I forgot to put one on my angel and my teacher explained to me the meaning behind it…so, I gave him a “headband”).


      2. Well… I do not mean the little squares on your computer. I mean paintings of saints and Biblical scenes. The process is called writing when it involves icons because it assumes the benevolent presence and help of the saint depicted. I wrote a blog about it, if interested.


      3. see post I did on
        bess chakravarty: a modern-dayiconogragher


        I would love to do one on you soon


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