The Bride of Christ for Others

Lawn Chair Catechism: Concluding Thoughts


I was reduced to tears as I read Sarah’s summation about her impressions of Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus, 

I was particularly struck by the idea of kerygma, the idea that Jesus is the whole reason for everything we do. Period.

We have to have a relationship with Jesus.

Bride of Christ

In fact, I want to break down and weep as I write now.


So many people are cold, hungry and outside the Church

but they do not know where to look for the answers.

I was one of the lucky ones..

and that thought has me breaking down again.


He brought me into His Church in spite of myself

God was so merciful and Kind..

I was  anti-Catholic .

The teachings seemed almost anti-gospel to me.

And then, while i still had a protesting, Protestant mind

the Virgin Mary came to live in my heart.

I remember the imagery that the Spirit gave me as I became a Catholic.

And even more tears well in my heart.

I stood outside a Catholic Church

on the stone steps

but the door was open.

I was dressed as a bride.

the bride of Christ.

Each step towards the door increased my hunger,

increased the longing for union

for communion

to receive the Eucharist.
surrender to His presence in the host.To actually eat, swallow

I NEEDED to embrace a physical Presence

in His body and Blood

Because Jesus is all there is,

all I long for.
all I need,

My core self has tasted His presence,

within me, driving me to surrender even more 

Every taste opens deeper caverns of emptiness


even more of my darkness and emptiness to the Lord.

He is the ONLY giver of life and love.

Only in Him do I truly live and move and breath

Every other way of living, for me, is a sham,
and have my very being.

a pretense, a sort of play


Life apart from a life in Christ is empty  and meaningless 


it lacks substance.

Now my call is to remain in Him

A tangible touchstone for those searching

To listen to God

Speaking when He tells me

To anyone who is hungry, searching
To be His hands and feet and mouth

Bride of Christ

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