7QT Friday: A Daughter’s WEDDING and the BRIDE of CHRIST



This week, my 7 quick takes are all about weddings, joy and the Bride of Christ since a daughter was married just this last Saturday. In 18 months, four children have been married, two sons and two daughters with a fifth child engaged to be married in the winter of 2014.

my daughter and her new husband


Each time a child stands before a partner and commits their life to them, I am moved, struck to my core, even shaken. 

My oldest son helps his new wife down stairs, A daughter was wed last a year ago in March and now has a 6 month old son,  Another son and his wife are now expecting their second daughter.


No wonder people cry at weddings. With pride and in awe as we watch our offspring stand on the ceiling of our experience, of all we have taught them. My ceiling is in fact my children’s floor. It is what they stand on as they begin their lives.


When my kids gather at celebrations and dance, they dance in a circle, facing each other. Every once in a while, one will turn and gesture to other people to come and join them and they do because the circle is inclusive. As I watch, this circle  of dance is symbolic to me of the circle of life.

  • My adult children’s joy is contagious. This joy is holy. It is the joy of the Lord.  Once again as I watch my family dance, I am filled with humble thanksgiving for what the Lord has done in our family.


This post really IS about marriage since it is our 35 wedding  aniversary in three days. Yet what the Lord triggered in my heart was the fact that I am not only a bride to my husband but I am the bride of Christ as well. Jesus is the Bridgroom of my soul. This is not just some nice, flowery sentimental drivel. No this is core, self defining reality.


I remember the imagery that the Spirit gave me as I became a Catholic.

And even more tears well in my heart.

I stood outside a Catholic Church

on the stone steps

but the door was open.

I was dressed as a bride.

the bride of Christ.



Christ is the Bridegroom of my soul

10 thoughts on “7QT Friday: A Daughter’s WEDDING and the BRIDE of CHRIST

    1. thank-you so much..we both come from a long line of people who reach their 90’s and on Michale’s side both grandmothers 100..his GRANDMOTHER is 100 and still alive!

      On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 10:52 PM, joy of nine9


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