My Vocation is Evolving



When I was upset and panicking as I worried whether I was pregnant with my Fifth child or not, a wave of peace came over me and I heard a gentle whisper within :


Thus began an unexpected life where I discovered fulfilment and joy mothering nine children on a hobby farm. My children literally were my salvation, the key to my heart and the way God chose to heal and transform me into who I really am..a child of God, no more and no less.


Friendship Friday – Change 

After surrendering any thought of a career and raising nine kids for 33 years, a whole new vocation has begun. God is opening the door to writing and I am filled with joy.

This post was written Friday about the ability to change now that my youngest is off to university. My closing words:

I have even more time to write and  I am thrilled. So in answer to this Friday’s prompt,

“Yes, I do have the ability to change. After all my great grand-mother lived till 95, my grandmother 86 and my mother is a young 82-year-old. Heck, my husband/s grandmother is 100 and still smiling. Thus begins the next 40 year period of my life. It will be …. interesting.”

A new door is opening.

A wonderful friend, SoundEagle reinforced my new life in a comment:


SoundEagle agrees… “now you find yourself once again”. It seems that longevity runs in your families. And if life begins at sixty, then indeed forty years of jornalism await you, and SoundEagle hopes to be among the first to witness Melanie walking down the Yellow Brick Road with opeheart and welcoming arms (or wings).

So I now have an extended calling ot share not only my past stories but also new insights as a writer. FUN!1 1 a Johannes_Vermeer_-_Lady_Writing_a_Letter_with_Her_Maid detail

6 thoughts on “My Vocation is Evolving

  1. “My ceiling is my children’s floor.” GREAT quote… I also like “Babies are not idiots. Treat them like people.” I know many people that always refer to the youngest one as “the baby”, even when they’re 2 or older. Not only can this feed into jealousy when, all of the sudden, they stop being “the baby” because another one comes along and they feel replaced, but it seems to associate them more with what they are than who they are… It’s a minor point, but calling them by name and doing little things like that really does help treat them like people…


  2. It seems to happen in all large family: the baby of the family has a special nickname. Our church family is blessed by many large families. Each and everyone one of those kids love little ones and look forward to another baby. Your children are already “blessed” by their loving Mother!


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