3-2-1 It’s Friday!



3. LIFE, my life, my children’s lives and now my three grandchildren’s lives with another on the way.


 The equisite detail in creation. The fact that I can interact with creation; I can see, hear, touch, taste.

 Jesus, who makes it possible to have a relationship with the Almighty God of the entire universe.

Two Things I Love to Hear

2. A baby’s laughter and cacophony of voices at dinner time. It was a humourous symphony that sounded perfectly in tune and in harmony to my ears with high-pitched baby voices, loud, boisterous little boys, quavering of a male voice changing, deep calming rumbles of Dad’s reactions and my voice asking everyone to be quiet for a moment so we can all hear the toddler’s newest word. The best part of the symphony is the joyful laughter and clapping for each other’s triumphs and achievements be it a new word learned or a scholarship award.

ONE of My Favorite Smells

Flowers wafting through the windowlittle-pat-det


7 thoughts on “3-2-1 It’s Friday!

  1. Yeah!! 3-2-1 Friday!

    3 Things I’m Grateful For
    ::promises from local meteorologists that cooler weather is on the way
    ::whoever thought it would be a grand idea to throw fish, cabbage slaw, garlic sauce, cotija cheese and cilantro in a soft corn tortilla and call it a fish taco.
    ::my amazing children

    2 Things I Love to Hear
    ::rain, complete with thunder

    1 Thing I Love to Smell
    ::baking bread


  2. Thanks for hosting Melanie.
    LOVE your post.

    3 Things I’m Grateful For
    :: My Faith
    :: My husband’s Fridays off
    :: That there is no flood or raging fire near our home.

    2 Things I Love To Hear
    :: My child saying “come on, it’s time to do the Rosary.”
    :: Irish Music.

    1 Thing I Love To Smell

    :: Fresh Bread (or anything baking really)

    Be blessed ALL!


  3. 3 Things I’m grateful for:
    ~ Baby’s first steps
    ~ 7 year old’s picture of baby’s first steps
    ~ Trampoline given to us by a neighbor

    2 Things I love to hear:
    ~ crickets
    ~ tree frogs

    1 Thing I love to smell:
    ~ garlic and onions


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