The Hand of God

It’s Yongsung Kim. To contact the artist directly, email taimen@naver.com (I did a search, and I’m emailing the artist, too!!) from Amanda!!

   Detail from The Creation of Adam Sistine Chapel ceiling

 Hand of God – Sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn

Hands with Stigmata, depicted on  Franciscan church in Lienz, Austria



10 thoughts on “The Hand of God

  1. I love the top painting. I have been there soooo many times. I felt His hand pulling me away from the depths of impatience, despair, sorrow…He was there carrying me because I could not do it alone.


  2. Who is the artist for the top painting ? It is so beautiful,knowing He’s there when you feel so overwhelmed that you feel like your drowning


  3. I contacted Yongsung Kim about his painting and he directed me to Goodsalt.com. Goodsalt jut contracted with him to sell his work on their site, and you can order prints or canvas wraps of his painting. Thank you for making m aware of thispaiting and the contact info to Mr. Kim. I’ eargerly awaiting the arrival of the print!

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