7 QT Friday. God is Transforming Our Cells


  • God has graciously given me a second chance:

After a hot, wet summer where I found it difficult to work in our gardens we were hit with a couple of cold weeks Now we have had  almost two weeks of gloriously warm weather with at least one more week in the forecast. The temperature is between 20 to 24 C which is around 70 F . Even though I neglected the outside which is COMPLETELY against my nature or usual behaviour, God has graciously given me a second chance to clean-up our seven acres before the cold weather really sets in. You never know when it will come; October can be beautiful or miserable.

  • ACTUALLY IT IS MUCH MORE THAN A SECOND CHANCE it is a new start, a new life.  A second chance implies that I will try again, in my strength. No, I reached the end of my strength this year, something broke inside, finally. I TURNED A KEY….something has switched, something broke .
  • Finally, God has a chance to live in me because I reached the end of own, independent. isolated strength, which always back fired on me and ended up pushing the Spirit out of my day-to-day existence.


  •  Only when we are drowning, only then are we truly capable of dying to our own egos, and in humility reaching out to grasp His hand.7e287bb0f1774df717befe5c949b0cde
  •   I am not spouting of theology, I am relating 40 years, yes years not days or months, years of longing to live in , with and through Him. Often trying so earnestly and hard that God could not get a word in edge wise never matter save me.                                                     


 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in meThe life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God,who loved me and gave himself for me.

  • WE repeat these words without Really understanding that they mean EXACTLY what they say. It is really possible to let go of my ego  and not to just make room for the Spirit of God within me but to mysteriously die and rise with Him. To undergo a cellular transformation and BECOME his Presence on earth. It is true, it really is true.
  • I was fascinated with a photo of Saint Padre Pio, 40 years after his death. That man LITERALLY lived through a cellular transformation with the Holy Spirit permeating every pore. And the same work has begun in me.. and in YOU.


11 thoughts on “7 QT Friday. God is Transforming Our Cells

  1. I can certainly relate to the garden issues. Melanie, this is so on target! “Giving up and allowing God to save me from myself.” Love it! The images here speak so clearly, especially looking up at Jesus through the self made problems I am drwoning in. Thank you for this beautiful meditation! It’s just what I needed to begin this very busy day.


  2. Gorgeous images. I want to shake Padre Pio and wake him up. He looks alive to me. Many good lessons here. The post reminds me of one of the 12 steps in the AA program, “Let go and let God.” Some of us need daily reminders about this.


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