Mary in the Art of J. Kirk Richards: (Catholic and Living it!)

  • This is a link-up for any Catholic-centered posts. These would be posts that focus on Catholic decor, crafts, books, celebrations, or any other Catholic centered thoughts or activities. The posts don’t need to be fancy; just thoughts and ideas for your fellow Catholics!

I went on a image search binge this week, unearthing countless images of Mary onto and from Pinterest.  It is an eclectic mixture with everything from obscure fine art, modern abstracts, old, icons, stained glass, statues and even ethnic and folk art. So in honour of the Feast of the Holy Rosary, a collection:

 Mary in the art of J. Kirk Richards


Mother and Child

Holy Family                                                                                                          Pieta

Crown of Blossoms

  • the annunciation


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