7 QT Friday: Images of Mary for Every Culture


  • I went on an image search binge this week, unearthing countless images of Mary on and from Pinterest.  I collected an eclectic mixture with everything from obscure fine art, modern abstracts, old icons, stained glass, statues and even ethnic and folk art.  This is a treasure trove of images, a literal feast  for the visual senses, food for the soul and nourishment for my spirit. Since this is the month of Mary, I want to share a few of my discoveries.hail_mary_prayer_poster-r6631b1f450d14dbb9d8ca4b8b65389ff_wvk_8byvr_512
  • Mary as envisioned around the world
  • csp020
  • hailmary
  • hail-mary-ecard

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