Taking off Our Dung Coloured Glasses

rrI received free cognitive therapy because

 I was surrounded by a crew of little people

 who greeted each morning with wonder and awe.

They delighted in the smallest blessings, blessings which come from God.

The fleeting dream that eludes many of us is happiness. We are running around, miserable in our insular little worlds, only catching glimpses of the world around us through dung coloured glasses.The solution to our dilemma is easy. Stop. Take off our mud coloured lenses. Look. Appreciate. A therapist would charge you hundreds of dollars to teach you how to do this, calling this method cognitive therapy. I will give you this key to happiness for free.


I discovered a secret after years of mothering my tiny children. They taught me to take my eyes off my exhaustion and to take delight in the plethora of tiny details all around me. Little kids are born with a sense of wonder and the ability to enjoy little things. My daughter’s retain an appreciation for detail; they all remember the little things.images (4)
A friend of mine once asked Rachel, when she was about six, what she liked most about Christmas. She replied immediately,
“The pineapple.”
My daughter’s answer astounded Martha. Similarly, one evening before dinner Emily, now a young adult, said,
“I always remember the fresh smell of clean sheets every week.”
Such a small thing, yet a child, with a heart full of gratitude, takes great pleasure from it.
A few months back, Katie was recounting how pleased she was with a plant in her garden. Realizing that she was enjoying such a small thing she laughed,
“Oh my god, I sound just like Mum.”


The things that raise my spirits are usually small and most people would not consider them significant. For example, one Christmas I was very tired and only one gift brought me genuine joy. It was hand crocheted dish clothes from my friend Cathy. ..dish clothes, beautifully made, colourful, something I used a hundred times a day.
Perhaps this is one of the blessings of a large family; free cognitive therapy from a crew of little people who greeted each morning with wonder and awe. When we choose to stay miserable, nothing, not riches, nor prestige or a change in circumstances, nothing will change our interior misery. However, practice a bit of cognitive therapy and simply  take off those dung coloured glasses and look around at the plethora of marvelous details that God has created. Perhaps the Lord delights in giving us tiny, visual blessings simply to give us joy.

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