Sunday Snippets

Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

Hello, and welcome to Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival. We are a group of Catholic bloggers who gather weekly to share our best posts with each other.
 I have missed everyone; my computer deleted all my email notifications for friends’ blogs and i keep putting off signing up to everyone again. Thank heavens I remembered Sunday Snippet because this forum will make it easy to reconnect again to old friends. So thank-you RANN.
This week our question of the week is: Who is your favorite saint?  Before I answer though I must admit that my second in line is St. Melania!! That is right! I have just stumbled across a well known Easter Orthodox saint with my name!! See post below.
but my first choice is….  The Blessed Mother.  Well, since Mary lives in my heart, she wins hands down. Just writing these words makes me smile, even grin widely with joy because she is my real mother. Mary has been instrumental in my inner healing because her presence and touch is gentle, her approach is feminine and at times that is what I needed.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Snippets

  1. Melanie Jean, that picture is beautiful. I’m always amazed at the many faces of Mary. They all seem to reveal a little about her and this one gives us a hint of her delicacy. I leave a kiss on the baby Jesus.thank you


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