Small Success Thursday: Learning to Writing for Different Venues

Small Success Thursdays at

Sharing my three (or more…or less) small successes from this week.
  • Okay, since I have bared my miserable soul here, talked about deep, profound insights, changes and inner healing, this week, I am simply going to brag about joyful, unexpected success in writing in three  completely different venues. God is teaching me how to present truth in story form for the secular public as well as writing for Catholic readers.
  • vermeer007I just started writing 18 months ago, in fact I hardly touched a computer before the either.
On ReadWave, a writing site, all my stories make it to the trending page in half an hour and the editor has picked three submissions in the last 5 weeks for the homepage. I have experimented with kid stories, modern parables and articles and they all have done well, even when I have hesitated to put them up. It is quite astonishing really in such a secular venue. I particularly like all constructive the feedback.  I was asked to be a staff reviewer about 3 months ago and I agreed because it is a way to give back to this writing community that is based in London, England.
Editor’s choiceTrending

Dung-Coloured Glasses

On this  Citizen’s newspaper,  I am the most read writer after only 14 months, with 125,610 reads and 358 stories or articles, all with a Christian basis, many outright Catholic.

An article on Mary, which I thought would flop there, has the most reads all this week and one on the pope from last month 1,153 reads. Not bad.
So, I am slowly gaining confidence, relaxing and enjoying writing more each day because of these small successes. In fact, it is liberating not to feel so intimidated; I feel free just to write like I talk, to be who I am in God.

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