Small Success Thursdays:Ta-Da! I Am Now a 21st Century Woman!



  • My daughter showed up at our country home sporting an ear warmer which I soon learned is all the rage at university. Soon we were looking at patterns online, I crocheted one in 40 minutes, using chunky wool and a huge crochet hook, then simply wrapped wool around to pinch it in on one side. I actually managed to take a picture with a phone and emailed it to myself. Ta-da !..I am now officially a 21st century woman.
  •  These ear warmers are quick to whip up and cheap, great for Christmas because they are all the rage. I know it is shocking, but it seems that I am IN STYLE! This definitely ranks as a small success .

unnamed (1)

  • The same basic combination of stitches with stiff cotton for hand or dish towels,  fuzzy wool for an afghan, trimmed in a chocolate-brown ruffle, soft, baby wool for an unborn grandson and wedding shawls from early 2013. These photos display a successful use of time spent in the passenger side of the car, waiting for appointments or in the hospital.
  • Waiting in productive silence for the Christ Child with my convalescing husband . This is another small successAdvent-candle-liturgy

5 thoughts on “Small Success Thursdays:Ta-Da! I Am Now a 21st Century Woman!

      1. My 10 year old is having a hard time understanding that just because it is white doesn’t mean it’s snow. Bless him. 20+ degrees. NO THANK YOU. And I love snow.


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