The Face of Mary?

 Apparently this painting of Mary, with  a deep look in her eyes, is a forensic artist’s rendering of  the Virgin Mary  based on the image of our Lord on the Shroud of Turin, in combination with a painting by William-Adolphe_Bouguereau. PicMonkey Collage

I would like to quote from Our Lady Of the Mountains Roman Catholic Church because their reflection is beautiful and profound. 

Is this the face of Mary?

This image of Our Lady has been floating around the internet of late. We understand that it is a forensic artist’s rendering of what the Virgin Mary might have looked like based on the image of our Lord on the Shroud of Turin. Since the Lord was the biological son of the Theotokos alone, any physical features of his face would have come directly from her. His eyes would have been her eyes. His face would have been a masculine version of her face. This idea is intriguing. While the Church has never stated definitively that the face in the Shroud of Turin is that of Our Lord, many believe it to be so. Starting with that assumption, and now with modern forensics, we can work backwards, and speculate what his Mother might have looked like. Could this beautiful face be the face of the Virgin Mother?. Bookmark the permalink.

16 thoughts on “The Face of Mary?

  1. I have never seen anything like this before. Piercing is an understatement! She looked right through me. I believe this picture will help people like me (from a non-Catholic background) to relate to her.


  2. Interesting–I’ve never seen this type of depiction of Mary (based on Shroud). The Shroud of Turin image of Jesus is truly dear to me; and the Bouguereauv image has been extremely special for me as well (which I only came to know/see through my reversion via EWTN!). Beautiful.


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