7QT Friday: St. Lucy Day and Our Lucy

  • Today is Dec. 13,  Saint Lucy Day. We named our youngest daughter Lucy. Our oldest daughter mockingly suggested the name Lucy when I was pregnant with our ninth child. My husband’s head snapped up and he said,

“That’s it! That is what we will call her.”

My daughter was appalled, “Dad I was kidding. You can’t name a kid LUCY!”

But we loved that name because it meant light and of course the family loved it as soon as she was born because it really suits our youngest who is now 18 and in university. She was extremely articulate before two years old and is still smart, precocious, funny and wise all at the same time.

  • Although we never actually placed a wreath of candles on her head or had her serve hot sweet buns for breakfast, we told the story every year on St. Lucy day. This year I just might email her this post later today.

  • I came across the perfect Christmas card images which place secular Santa on his knees before the manager.

“Every Knee Shall Bow”
Philippians 2:10
by Gaye Frances Willard
and another
“Whose birthday is it, anyway?” is the Christmas question asked by Alternatives for Simple Living, an advocacy group that favors simple living as an antidote to societal ills such as credit cards, personal debt, shopping malls, big SUVs, depleting the earth’s resources, and not spending time with family.
A UMNS graphic by Doyle Burbank-Williams,Alternatives for Simple Living
  • This week I have begun another Advent tradition. Not only do I try to clean my heart, I clean my house, thoroughly, top to bottom. One of the kids memories is the smell of Murphy’s Oil soap for wood and old-fashioned wax. Last year, a daughter came out for Christmas early, took a big whiff and smiled,

” Ah!..Smells like a holiday!”,  she sighed.unnamed

  • I am still crocheting everything from ear warmers, scarves, guest towels and afghans for presents that are from my heart and take little cash to make. I found a new quote that summarizes how I feel about buying presents

  • We wait till the 4th Sunday of advent to put up the tree and lights  and to decorate the house but this week it is time to finish up baking and start the fun stuff  rushing to finish like wrapping presents and building the gingerbread house. Of course Lucy will add all the crazy extras when she finishes exams and comes home … like stringing candy lights from rope licorice to imitate the street lights of Whoville in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

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