Sabbath Moments: He WILL Come

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Welcome to Colleen’s Saturday meme hosted at Thoughts on Grace. How about joining us and sharing times and insights from finding God in the ordinary and quiet?

Advent Promises


He will come,

He will come.

I can trust that He will come.

For He comes even on a  frosty whisper,

Lighting the darkness with pinpoints of hope

Just as the stars appear each dark night.

He will come,

Inspite of myself;

His arrival does not depend on my preparations.

Only that I wait expectantly in the dark.

In the silence

If I open my inner stable door.

He Comes.

He will come like a tiny child

Silently slipping into the open spaces in my heart.


I smile

Eyes Twinkling,


My heart burns with newborn life.

He always Comes.

6 thoughts on “Sabbath Moments: He WILL Come

  1. Melanie, so beautiful. Inspiring.
    Love that picture of Simeon’s moment on your sidebar. I have a book of religious artwork and it is in there and the first time I saw it, I started crying, It is awesome.
    God bless!


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